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WHAT MAKES or mars a painting or a photograph is the way it is framed. With the right frame, even a mediocre work can look very attractive and vice versa. What one needs is an aesthetic eye, interest and loads of experience when it comes to choosing the right frame for a picture. This is where Lakshana has been scoring over others. It has been in the business of framing for 20 years and has been dealing with tasteful frames, be it from Mumbai, Belgaum or even abroad. Madhu, who owns the gallery, was with Sarala's Art Gallery for some years before starting his own business. But his dream was to establish an art gallery. The first opportunity to do so came his way in 2000 when space was offered to him in Hyderabad. This past year, he established the Lakshana Art Gallery in Bangalore. Finally, he found a suitable space in Chennai and the Lakshana Art Gallery became functional recently at 38, Maharaja Surya Rao Road, Alwarpet (near Venus Colony). The inaugural exhibition was by artists of Cholamandal. The well-lit gallery is spread over two floors of 1,000 sq. ft. each. The rectangular space makes possible unhindered viewing of the paintings displayed on the wall. The ground floor houses a collection of works by over 50 artists, part of which are put up on the walls. The collection includes works of several leading artists such as K.M. Adimoolam, R.B. Bhaskaran, Alphonso Doss, A.V. Ilango, Dodda Mani, Sridhar Murthi, Vasudev, D.L.N. Reddy, Lakshman Aeley and G. Subramaniam. Small format works and prints would be mounted and displayed on specially designed shelves.
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